“A Day in the life… of a Fitness Fanatic During Social Distancing”

Last year, I was lucky enough to go to a fitness retreat in Bali, meeting some wonderful and engaging fitness enthusiasts; all of which had found their passion for fitness through different routes and stages in their lives.

During the lockdown and social distancing period, a conscious effort has been made to try and keep in touch with a few of the connections made during this trip, to see how they are tackling the challenge of keeping fit and healthy whilst we are all restricted what we can do.

What has been great from doing this is that it has helped to provide a different perspective how the health and fitness industry has adapted to restrictions as a result of COVID-19. A perspective of a health and fitness consumer who is grateful of the opportunity to be able to work out from home and is open to remove any obstacles to train; by focusing on the outcome and benefits of keeping their motivation and fitness levels as they were pre-lockdown.

‘The things that kept me motivated over lockdown though was the little gym community that I’m in. We set up a private Facebook group in March, with 3 of the instructors from our gym, and everyday they filmed and posted new HIIT and bodyweight type classes for us to do. It kept everyone going, including all the chat, and was just nice to still feel part of a gym fam – it’s not all about the workouts I guess – and everyone was looking out for each other.’

‘I also didn’t want to undo all the hard work I’d been putting in before lockdown. So, one of the instructors said as long as I try and keep my fitness and stamina levels up as much as I can with cardio and walking etc, as soon as I got back to the weights I’d build muscle again quite quickly – so that kept me going too, I didn’t want to let him down or myself.’

‘And lastly, from a mental health point of view, the gym keeps my head right at the best of times and there’s nothing better than getting a sweat on to clear your head. In lockdown that was more important than ever. There were times when I had no motivation to jump around to Body Combat in my kitchen, but I knew I’d feel better for it afterwards, so I just got on with it’

Following the recent announcements and the extended delays of gyms re-opening it can be easy for us all to feel frustrated, particularly when other industries are starting to get into the recovery. What to take away from this blog and the day in the life of the fitness fanatic is that offering things that might seem to be small or not as good as before are more than enough to achieve the outcome of the why we look to keep ourselves fit; to create a better, healthier and more confident version of ourselves


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