Coming together as one has been something that has been highlighted more over the past month, due to different situations and outcomes that have unfolded. The response to these outcomes have been outstanding and would not have been possible, without people coming together and sharing their situation the correct way so it was heard and acted upon appropriately.

Examples of the power of community have been shown just recently, whether that be the online campaign to open up the Gyms within Liverpool, or the wider campaign to make sure that no child is going hungry in the short term and beyond.

The power can be summarised/described as by sharing resources (e.g. food, time, money etc.) people are being given an opportunity to be part of society and contribute to its maintenance or even improve it.

opportunity, community, what do they both have in common? The word unity within them. Unity is togetherness, which can either be through speaking/listening (communication) or through a favourable wind/situation (opportunity); Finally putting the A level in Latin into good use!

As well as the examples of the gym and free school meals campaigns being examples of situations that have united people, a culture of unity is something which is lived by and can be learnt from Africa. The culture/philosophy of “Ubuntu” translates as “I am, because of who we all are” which means that for what is given to others, this is to be returned back, whether that be good or bad. This culture is all about coming together and sharing, with simple lessons and examples of how we can bring Ubuntu into our lives being:

– Sharing of resources: e.g. giving to charity
– Sharing of knowledge to help others grow
– Bringing together a group of people: whether that be virtually or in person
– Caring/listening to others

All but one of these ideas can be done for free and can improve the “wealth” of humanity through mental and emotional/spiritual support.

If we could ask for one thing to be taken away from this blog, it would be for all us to look and act on ways where we can support each other; whether that be from recent events, learnings from Ubuntu or another source of inspiration. The more we act, talk and share any issues, the more we can united and help each other out; helping each other and society to be the best version of itself.

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