“Every negative situation can deliver a positive outcome”

“Every negative situation can deliver a positive outcome” This was something which was quoted from The Last Dance documentary on Netflix, which focuses on the period where Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls and made them so successful. The timing of this quote seems fitting as we continue to make the best out of the current situation which we all find ourselves in.

It would be easy to find ourselves frustrated and upset that gyms are closed, or that we are no longer to see professionals to easy the aches and pains in our bodies; however, to summarise the positives which have come out of the lockdown situation, we have seen the health and fitness community grow stronger, through showing resilience and adapting services to allow the public to maintain and improve their health. Now more than ever the importance of physical and mental health has come into focus for people.

A few great initiatives we have seen so far whilst the lockdown as been in place are:

  • Variety Online Classes/Content – From live bodyweight workouts to yoga, from meditation to Q&A’s, we have never had so much health and fitness content available at our fingertips
  • Focus on nutrition – As we cannot be as active as we once were, this has been recognised by the community and professionals are sharing their favourite recipes, which is educating more and more people on how to eat and drink healthy
  • Support across the industry – From doing live workouts together and sharing content, this has helped to show the benefits and enjoyment that exercise can create

There are plenty more examples All the above would not be possible without three key ingredients:

  • Community – Thinking about the “we” and not the “me”, so that all have an opportunity to do what they love and making others feel better about themselves
  • Growth Mindset – taking the current situation and seeing it as an opportunity to improve, rather than a hinderance
  • Communication – a key tool to set up expectations and state how we have all adapted. This is where social media and technology has helped massively and given us the platform to speak to as many people that want to listen to us!

Here at Trainer Behaviour we want to be able to support the growth and focus people being the best version of themselves, which is why we are looking to run a project to help professionals in the health and fitness community to be able to be on the front foot, as and when lockdown restrictions continue to ease off. If you any ideas that will help the public to continue to improve their physical and mental health, we would love to try and make your ideas into reality.

Keep safe and hopeful for the future.

The Trainer Behaviour Team

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