Find and Remember your “Why”

“Cut out the noise” something which Justin Langer, the Australian Men’s Cricket Coach speak a lot to his players during The Test documentary. As a health and fitness community, we find ourselves with plenty of noise and blockers at the moment and it can sometimes take us all away from what we are looking to achieve and why we started to work in the health and fitness industry in the first place.


When speaking with various health and fitness professionals to understand their “why” it was great to hear about the different reasons and how they are unite to form a health and fitness community, as shown from the below:


Bootycamp Liverpool:


‘I love to pass on my skills and knowledge to clients and help to change not only their physiques but lifestyles and diet, whilst making sessions, enjoyable, fun and upbeat.’


‘My mum inspired me to start my fitness journey as a child she would take me along to numerous classes and I would join in.’


‘That’s why I also have mummy and me training available as I believe it’s is so important to introduce fitness and health from a young age.’


Lewis Neil Coaching:


‘My inspiration for health and fitness to be able to effect as many lives as possible. I ve been the guy with no confident, tired and uncomfortable in my own skin and I never want anyone to go through that.’ 


‘The introduction to MMA and the gym really helped with my body confidence and mindset which has set me up with the mindset I have now. It honestly changed my life and I love helping people do the same.’


Carmel Soldiers:


‘Everyone of us has a Story of how they got into the fitness industry. For me, I started my weight loss and fitness journey for my own personal health reasons. I had previously tried lots of, what I now know to be quick fixes, juice plans, shakes, weight loss clubs etc, each making me feel good for only a short while, a week maybe before I learned the reality of it being an another waste of money.’


‘My inspiration was my amazing personal trainer Lisa, who made me believe this I am capable of anything I put my mind to and to just believe in myself.’


‘Once I learned to love myself and to feel comfortable in my own skin, I realised that I could help other women to feel good about themselves by not relying on the quick fixes but by changing their lifestyle and habits and making healthier choices and making fitness fun and most importantly realising that they too are capable of amazing things.’



All of the above is the “why” for Trainer Behaviour. Trainer Behaviour wants to support health and fitness professionals to deliver their why and give them the platform to society to become a better version of themselves.


We will sign off this blog with a couple of questions to the readers:

  • What is your why?
  • Have you lost your why during the current social distancing situation?


If you have lost your why or are unsure of what your why is, then that’s no problem and the climate we find ourselves in is the perfect time to ask yourself what you want to be, why you want it and plan how you are going to do it.

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