”Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.” – Albert Schweitzer

The above was a quote which was spotted when spending some time this weekend relaxing and doing some reading around wellness. It was something which resonated with all the news surrounding the fear of a second wave within the UK, as well as the unrest in America.

From seeing this quote, it started the thought process of “how do we use happiness to increase positivity and therefore wellbeing in others?”

Happiness is sometimes described as a gift, with a gift being something that one person gives to another. To those reading this: think about the most special gift you received and ask yourself why/what makes this gift so special?

Was the gift unexpected/a surprise, therefore not being something that was expected?

Does the gift remind you of a certain moment in time and take you back to being in the “now”?

Is the gift a valuable one and remind you how grateful you are for what you have currently in life, whether that be people or possessions?

Does the gift encourage/improve your ability to perform or move in ways not possible before?

Is the gift one that allows for others to become part of a group and help others to share happiness too?

Does the gift bring laughter and smiles consistently, no matter where you are and what mood you are in?

Does the gift allow you to be with people who bring you happiness, time and time again?

If we could all look to take that special gift we received and apply it to the gift/giving of happiness, then we can multiply the feeling of wellness within each other and make society feel valued once again.

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