The Art of Being Present

One of the lessons learned for Trainer Behaviour during the lockdown period has been to try and make myself more “present” in the moment. One thing that can happen quite easily is that as humans, we can dwell on past experiences and the feelings about them, whilst also thinking too far ahead in the future, to live and listen to what is going on now.

One thing as an organisation Trainer Behaviour hopes it has done during this challenging period for the health and fitness industry is listen to its community and been able to provide support to those that needed it; even if it seemed something that might have been seen as something as small as liking a post on social media or sharing a story.

This blog will therefore share some of the lessons Trainer Behaviour have learnt about being present and will hopefully help others to understand how they can be “present” by just being mindful. A lot of this learning has to be credited to reading up on the topic of mindfulness and inspired by Phil Jackson and George Mumford.

Lesson 1 – ‘choose which wolf you feed’

George Mumford talks about an old native tale/belief that inside everyone there are two wolves, one which will lead to evil, whilst to other will lead to good. The only real choice, as an individual, we have is which wolf we decide to feed, based on decisions we make in each situation. By looking to choose the “good” wolf, we have looked to focus efforts on providing as much of an online platform as possible to continue to support people’s health and fitness over the lockdown period.

Lesson 2 – ‘Five Spiritual Superpowers’

George Mumford also talks about the ‘Five Spiritual Superpowers’ which are ways to allow for athletes to go to the next level of performance. These superpowers are:

  1. Mindfulness – getting yourself into “the zone” (i.e. solely focused on the task at hand, without being emotional)
  2. Concentration – improving this through breathing patterns
  3. Insight – be aware of yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. One thing Mumford mentions is ‘getting comfortable with being uncomfortable’ as this will allow for self-improvement
  4. Right Effort – recognising that your entire life is an opportunity to develop and each opportunity will ask for you to either work on being alert, removing non-valuable qualities or adding and maintaining value-adding qualities
  5. Trust – believing in yourself and that the environment you find yourself in will allow for you to grow and improve

This lesson has provided Trainer Behaviour with a focus and approach as to how we want to empower all health and fitness professionals in the community to improve, by providing them a space to do so


Lesson 3 – The power of listening

‘We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason’ maybe a quote that we have all heard at the past; and in this period, it is something that has resonated more than before. By taking a step back and listening to the ideas that some in the health and fitness community have to get back to normal, it has helped us to focus our attention on ways in which we can facilitate this over the next few months.

Lesson 4 – Enjoy the journey

As an organisation, we have properly found ourselves focused too much on the end goal and not on the here and now, whereas now there is a shift in focus on how we can improve the service we offer on a day to day basis and let outcomes naturally follow. The end goal is one small point in time along the journey, which may take days, months and years to get to and it is important to treasure this time as it is something which we will not get back.

As an organisation, Trainer Behaviour hopes that it can stay present and relevant to its community as long as it continues. We welcome to hear your thoughts and ideas to help support each other in health and fitness community. If you have any ideas, please feel free to get in touch through our website or Instagram page

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