The Mind as a Muscle

This week, Trainer Behaviour was lucky enough to work with Chasing the Stigma and organise the Ambassador of Hope training for those who were interested in attending. The session held was a timely reminder of the importance of looking after our own and each other’s mental health, through the most simple but effective ways.


For many in the training session, it was the first time that the group had met each other; you could not tell this however from the warmth and openess the virtual room had for each other and their work. We heard about lockdown DIY, bingo nights to different situations were mental health needed attention.


What the above and the session shown was how talking through a situation, whether that be a positive or a negative one, can maintain good mental health. By actively listening, it can provide understanding and therefore support to those looking for it. This was evident in the session and by the sounds of things, has already helped support to clients without realising.


From improving mental health, it can help improve the feeling of self worth within others, which boosts confidence which that boosts motivation and then performance; shifting the negative mentality into being a positive one.


It can be easy to forget training our mind as part of a weekly workout routine, however having 15 minutes of mindfulness/ brain training each day adds up to be just under two hours a week of improving awareness and providing the focus you may be looking for in the coming days, weeks and/or months.


In summary, the Ambassador of Hope training was an insightful and valuable training session, particularly as further restrictions have been imposed on the Liverpool area. The power of listening to others and supprting each other shouldn’t be underestimated. No one is expected to be a mental health expert from the course too, however knowing where to go for further information can only benefit in improving society’s mental health.


If you would be interested in knowing more about any future work between Trainer Behaviour and Chasing the Stigma, please get in touch with us.

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